Urban exploration of mostly derelict hospitals

Hellingly Asylum Pano – Take 2

After creating the previous panorama and seeing comments I decided to have another go. I wasn’t particularly happy with the way the top and bottom halves lined up and really wanted to add the ceiling decorations. I wasn’t able to do this on the image before. One of the comments on the previous image was [...]

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Hellingly Hall – Pano

The hall at Hellingly is the main attraction - huge and decorated with ornate ceiling roses. I'd been wanting to do a pano of this location for a while and actually forgot to do it the last time I went, this time it was in my mind from the outset. This has been one of [...]

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Hellingly Asylum – Swabs and Specimens

Another trip to the partially demolished asylum for what may be my (second) penultimate visit, still a little more to see ;-) Destruction is happening at a fair speed with less there this of the building left this week than last. There's still plenty to see though. Most of the rooms are stripped - so [...]

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Hellingly Asylum – Bath Time

One of the few items actaully left in the asylum are the baths. Being old and iron or steel they must be heavy and cumbersome for the contractors to remove so are no doubt left for the wrecking ball to deal with. This was a small bathroom off of one of the wards, like all [...]

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Hellingly Asylum – Reflections Of Sad Times

 I liked the way the corridor framed the pool of water and light in this image, the reflection almost mirroring the window in the adjacent room. My explorer friend spotted this first and he is King Of Reflections, so I expect that he'll have something similar up soon. I was immediately taken with the flooring [...]

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Hellingly Asylum – Exit Strategy

 As the construction / destruction is continuing at pace at Hellingly there are several parts of the remaining buildings where there were once corridors that are now open to the world. Although there are plenty of wards left, many of the connecting corridors that we used to traverse are no longer left and iopen out [...]

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Hellingly Asylum – The Great Hall

My penultimate trip to Hellingly (probably). This is almost where it all began for me and many others, my affair with photography, urbex and processing images, heck, I even met my other half at an asylum! Whilst taking the images, I'm totally in the zone, thinking about what to shoot and how to frame images, [...]

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West Park – Play Me A Tune

Here's another of the West Park Piano - I'd been after a shot like this for a while - using the lower F-Stop to get a lovely focus point, although I must admit that I was helped a little in the post processing stages by a few filters!

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West Park – The Dancer

My exploring friend said that we were going to see 'the piano' on our journey. I'd only seen one at this location before - a big grand upstairs in one of the wards and I thought that this was were he was talking about. However I was pleasantly surprised to find this upright version in [...]

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West Park – Open and Closed

This week I've had a hard time finding anything to process. I've mentioned before that I'm not happy with my 'old' photos. Composition, focus and general shoddy work. I've only been taking photos semi-seriously for two years so I've learnt a lot and improved a lot. Added to this I've had a very busy couple [...]

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Hellingley – Bath Lady by REQ

The beautify Bath Lady at Hellingly. Now defaced and either gone or close to being demolished. I'm very privileged to have seen this in its prime.

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Forest Shot – Hellingly

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Goodbye Hell – The Report

Yesterday I went to Hellingly Asylum. I'd heard that it was in the process of demo so decided to go for one last look to see the state of things and how work was progressing. It took me a bit of time to get in as I managed to get lost in the woods which [...]

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Mental: A History of the Madhouse

Last night I watched Mental: A History of the Madhouse on BBC4 detailing life in the asylums of Britain in the middle of the last century. The show specifically mentioned High Royds, however I have no doubt that conditions were similar in most other institutions throughout the UK in the similar era. It was particularly [...]

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West Park Asylum

West Park Asylum - what can I say?! 11-12 trips last summer, some alone, some as a couple, others in large groups rushing around trying to capture as much as possible. This is the place where I met my lovely girlfriend, learnt a lot about photography, made some excellent people and avoided security (not that [...]

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West Park Wheelchair

Checking out Tumblr / Twitter integration . . .

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