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ECVB – Turbine Hall

Here's the turbine hall at ECVB. Compared to the rest of the facility its pretty sparse. All of the interesting stuff is below. There are two turbines housed in here, one at the far end of the hall transversely angled to the one below. I'll not say much about this and let the images do [...]

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ECVB – The Cathedral

Since the first time I went to ECVB  on a solo trip quite some time ago I have wanted to do a series of panoramas of this awesome location. The main hall is so vast that to take simple images just does not do it justice. When one arrives in here initially there is a [...]

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ECVB – The Sky is the Limit

This weekend we took a trip to Belgium. I've been previously a month or so ago and was quite unsuccessful at getting the images that I wanted, I was after some panorama images of the turbine hall, but unfortunately wasn't well enough practised with the pano head so ended up coming away empty handed in [...]

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Powerstation CT – Turbine Hall

This is one of the first places that turned me on to urbex. I'd seen images of another part of the facility and knew that I had to go one day. A couple of weeks ago my friend ROMANYWG and I ventured there at last. I wasn't disappointed. The power station is pretty big and [...]

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Liège-Guillemins Railway Station – Panorama

I've recently got myself a panorama head and have been quietly testing it at home before taking it out on adventures abroad. This is my first 'proper' test and public showing of the results. I'm fairly happy with the results ans it certainly shows a great deal of potential for large areas such as this. [...]

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Liège-Guillemins Station

Liège-Guillemins Station was built in 2009 by architect Santiago Calatrava. It's a very impressive structure, more so in in evening when it is deserted and lit. the stark white beams and supports looking somewhat futuristic and life like. It certainly felt organic and as if the whole structure could morph into something totally different. I'm [...]

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Sheffield Toolmakers – Cubby Holes

The tool makers was covered - wall to wall on all floors with cupboards and cubby holes where product would have been stored. There must have been some very knowledgeable people here who could actually manage to find things quickly.The floor all over is covered in pigeon poo! The image is processed with photomatix for [...]

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Sheffield – Tool Makers

Our trips to Sheffield weren't all hunting for cool graf in the city. We had another location to try and search out. The tool makers was established here in the 1860's and closed around 10 years ago. The owners manufactured tools for cutting of leather and tools for making shoes.   The location was very [...]

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Zeche X – Locker Room

Another from the locker room, small lockers where the miners may have kept their positions, clothes being in the birdcages room. We walked through here before moving on to the birdcages knowing that we would return for the final shots of the location. Again this was taken with the 60mm macro, processed with Photomatix and [...]

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Zeche X – The Tin

After a little diversion from the usual industry I'm back on it and will be posting images from Germany and Belgium again.It was fun doing the recent stuff, but I felt that it was time for a change so I have ventured back into the (almost) archives. This image is from the battery room at [...]

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Zeche W – The Birdcages II

After an absence of around a week (of which I hope you'll forgive me) I intend to come back with something a bit special. German mines have locker rooms that are adorned with what look to be birdcages. These are actually hooks for the miners to hang their clothes on while they are at work. [...]

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Grandes Moulins des Paris – Graff’d

Quick evening post tonight. I've seen a lot of totally awesome graffiti / street art in abandoned places. Some really intricate astounding pieces, both small and large with awesome placement, sympathetic to the surroundings. I've also see a lot of tagging - simple marker or paint sprays daubed and repeated all over the place in [...]

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Grandes Moulins des Paris – Dont Look Down

Getting back to the GMdP set now.  Andy and I spent a little more time in the right hand wing of the mill as the floors looked a little more solid, only just though. There was a good deal of walking where we expected the supports to be. Luckily there were no mishaps. This side [...]

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Sinteranlage – Shore Leave

Quick break form my GMdP series . . .  .I wanted to do something heavily processed for a change and make use of all the filter armament at my disposal. This is Sinteranlage a steel foundry in Germany. Built in 1920 and deserted 85 years later. The location is made up of two distinct parts [...]

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Les Grandes Moulins de Paris – Potential Risk #2

This shot is from the other side of the previous image. again it gives a good impression of how trashed GMdP is. The long vacant space with all of the open crossing floor supports gave a great viewpoint and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the image processing wise. I'm very happy [...]

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Les Grandes Moulins de Paris – Potential Risk #1

This was the last location we visited on our Euro Tour and was on the way back to Calais for the ferry so it seemed rude not to pay a visit. We didn't have very much time and calculated that we could only spend 1h 30m in the location. We did our normal external recce [...]

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ECVB – I’ve Got The Power

Here's a shot from the top of the 'organ pipes' room. We had driven from London to early in the morning leaving around 4.30 am - a journey of around 6 hours including the ferry to France. ECVB was the first stop on the tour, somewhere we had both been before, but very much wanted [...]

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ECVB – Launch The Torpedos!

Really quick post before bedtime this evening. Here's one from the powestation turbine hall. lots of pipe goodenss! Click the image for the full gallery.

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Powerstation X – Take The Power Back

I've been away for a couple of weeks, some doing great stuff with Viveca in The New Forest, some in Europe on urbex tour. The images below are from the interior of a cooling tower taken on the last day of our trip. we initially went to the incorrect side of a canal after following [...]

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Cooling tower interior

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Pyestock – Metal on Metal

Here's the inside of Cell 4 at NGTE, this testing facility was used to test the jet engines for Concord. If you look closely you can see the props still left for Sahara on one of the pipes on the right. The first time I walked into this area I was TOTALLY awestruck at the [...]

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Pyestock – The Gates Of The River Styx

This evening I though that I'd have a look through some old images from way back when I started in this game. This was my fourth visit to Pyestock. Its the National Gas Turbine Testing Establishment. Pyestock was used to test jet engines from the 1950's onwards. This is thee inside of Cell 3. I [...]

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