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Lillesden School For Girls – Model Shoot


Recently I was approached and asked if I would like to take some photos for an online magazine that will be published soon. Of course I jumped at the chance and soon plans were hatched. We decided top head to one of […]

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Around the Bend

The Bends_web

Its been a while since I’ve posted an urbex pic, so here we go. In the UK we don’t have that many bendy corridors so this was a little special. The hospital was very bare, but had a few nice features but […]

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Factory One #1


During the trip to Italy earlier this year a few of the locations we visited were disused factories. There’s something tranquil and serene about these vast spaces. Quiet and relaxing, no doubt once filled with containers of wares. Now a […]

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ECVB Panorama Collection


I posted this pano at the weekend on a pano Facebook page and a few people pointed out stitching errors that I’d not noticed previously, so I decided to have another go at it.After looking at the original I have […]

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Sea Creative – Out of Sight


Here’s my take on the cover of RomanyWG’s excellent book – Out of Sight. If you are a fan iof street art and urbex it’s certainly worth a look. Art that has been presented in hidden location around Europe featuring […]

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Terres Rouge – Red Earth

Red Earth_web

I don’t often include images of the people I explore with in my pics, but decided this was a good one of my friend RomanyWG, his son Ellis is sneaking into shot on the right too. It gives an idea […]

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Terres Rouge


Terres Rouge is so named due to the red earth that covers this area. I huge industrial area ion the border of France and Luxembourg. There isn’t that much left now, a few of these silos and  a powerstation remain, […]

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Italian Hospital B – The Last Song

The Last Song_1_web

Here’s an image fron the reception of an Italian hospital. The hospital itself didn’t look as if it had been empty for very long, this part on the other hand was stripped and empty, a little decay was vivible, but […]

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Lavoir a Charbon – Mechanised II

The Laundryweb

Here’s another washerie – a different one from the previous image. After going to several locations that are similar, particular power stations its funny how they all seem to meld together – similar features and decay. All still beautiful inmy […]

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Back On It!


After a bit of a hiatus I am back on it. I’ve had a week or so off social media and blogging whilst out in France with friends. Its the first holiday that I’ve had in over five years where […]

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Urbex Palace – Rich and Strange

Bath Time_web

Another superb example of the decoration in the Urbex Palace tromp l’oeil covering the centre of this wall. Although this is a rather grand bathroom, I cant imagine it was very comfortable unless being fed grapes by fair maidens. Click […]

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In Pursuit of Rare Meat

In Persuit of rare meat_web

I’d seen this mammal in RomanyWG’s excellent book Out Of Sight and was pleased to find it hidden away in the Tannery. I shot some normal images straight on, but when I walked through the door Looking back I really […]

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In Triplicate – Sea Creative

In Triplicate_web

The great blue walls in the tannery provide an awesome canvas for the artists Sea Creative and Vine (right). Pretty much the whole of the factory wall is covered by the work of only three or four artists, their own […]

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Urbex Palace – How Not to Create a 360 Panorama


This was one of the highlights of the recent trip to Italy. I knew after seeing several images of this room that it would be awesome to create a 360 here. I wasn’t going to post this image as I’m […]

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Hospital C – Dreaming Of Escape

Breaming of Escape_web

Another wheelchair from Hospital C – there were loads of these about and I am sure its not the last one I’ll put up from here. This was pretty much the penultimate shot that I took at this location, and […]

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Hospital C – Tyred


I think this was the second hospital we visited, or maybe the third, not quite sure. There was lots of ‘stuff’ left around and it was somewhat reminiscent of West Park in that respect.The three of us were left to […]

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Lavoir à Charbon – Mechanised

The second washerie we went to was a death trap, rusty floors and stairs. However the risk was worth it. The machinery on the top floor was lovely, decaying gracefully. I have no idea what these machines did or how […]

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UE Palace – The Acid House


Here’s one of the most colourful rooms in the UE Palace, its totally bonkers as I am sure you can see. I have no idea what the designers were on when they came up with this Moorish influenced room, but […]

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Italian Hospital A – Bedlam


High up in the Alps in a small village thee is an abandoned hospital. There are two well known highlights of this location, one is the chapel which is very distinctive, the other is the fact that there are beds […]

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Hunting Lodge A – Kitchen


There wasn’t very much left in this kitchen, a couple of sinks and that was about it. I liked the symmetry again and thought the varying textures and pastel shades on the walls would pop nicely when processed so took […]

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Hunting Lodge – Main Stairs

Left and Right_web

After seeing where we were going on our day out I did a search to see what to expect and came across the stairs in the lodge. Pretty much everyone who goes here takes this picture and its hard to […]

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Hunting Lodge A – Guest WC

A lot of urbex photographers have a thing about taking shots of the toilets in abandoned locations. I’m not quite sure of why this is, maybe because its sometimes the only furniture that is left as its attached to the […]

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Abandoned Art – Senso – Fallen Angel

No Angel_web

In the warehouse somewhat hidden away was this fantastic piece by Senso, I really like this, the image really jumps out of the wall and the artist has used the environment well, the fallen angel sitting on the switches.   […]

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Balestrino Abandoned Village – External


As you can see the weather was lovely in the village, blue skies and sun for a change. It was great to wander around without the worry of being quiet, getting caught or falling down any holes.   The village […]

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Balestrino – Abandoned Church


The third day of our trip was a treat – an abandoned village on the side of a hill. After a little confusion we found the right place. RoamnyWG and I had different locations in mind, I’d found a different […]

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Abandond Art – FRESH


Another from the same location as the previous images. I think was the only piece we found by ABSOLUT here.

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Abandoned Art – Sea Creative – Vine


More excellent contact work from my travelling colleague. We met a couple of the artists at a secret spot in Italy, yet another vast location with a lot of excellent art. The guys have been painting here for a long […]

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Abandoned Art – James Kalinda

James Kalinda_web

My travelling colleague is a bit of a street-art collector, or more accurately hidden art, a few mails and call were exchanged and we had the location of a new spot sorted. There’s something affirming and ego-less about the guys […]

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Urbex Palace – NON PLUS ULTRA

This IS NON - PLUS - ULTRA_web

Having seen pictures of this hall I kinda knew what to expect. However on arrival I was blown away, intricate carvings all painted white, skylights letting in wonderful light. This surly was a place to behold. I had high hopes […]

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Lavoir à Charbon A – Pincer Action

Pincer Action_web

It wasn’t all manor houses and hospitals on our recent tour of Italy. On the way we travelled through France and Luxembourg, stopping off at a rather tasty coke washing plant. This was an interesting one as the site that […]

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