Stand and Bang – Large

I was invited to shoot Stand and Bang - Large by my friend Kyle Greaves again. I've shot Stand and Bang a couple of times and its always a great evening. Kyle has a tight team around him, MC Peter Lowe with his exceptional enthusiasm. Reffing by Chris Batcheldor who is always fair and certinaly [...]

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The Gas Masks

One of the final stops on our tour was to the school in Pripyat. This was a shot that we all wanted to capture, its been taken hundreds of times before, but to actually see the number of gasmasks left here is astounding. There must have been around a thousand of these left on the [...]

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This weekend I has the pleasure of shooting Dasha. Dasha's mum had contacted me some time ago with a view to take some snaps of her daughter.  I knew that this would be a challenging shoot as I have been recently used to shooting women in lingerie,  so coming up with poses and lighting for [...]

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This weekend I had the pleasure of my second proper photoshoot with a model. Elisha is a friend of Sunny who I shot recently and is a tattoo artist. We'd been plotting for a while so had an idea of what between us we wanted to shoot. Similar to Sunny, Elisha hadn't modeled previously which surprised [...]

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MMA Photography Roundup for 2013

I thought it would be good to do a review of my year, most likely like everyone else is going to do. I had set myself a few soft goals this year, mostly based around my MMA photography, I wanted to shoot a UFC event and to become the 'official photographer' for an event and [...]

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BAMMA 13 was a big deal for me, having covered UCMMA and cage warriors this was the final organisation of the top three MMA events that I had left to cover. I'd also done quite a bit of work with MMAPlus for the magazine with Jimmy Wallhead and of course local hero Max Nunes was [...]

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Enfusion Live – Nov 2013

Enfusion Live was a new event for me as I'd not been cageside for kickboxing before. Arriving early with Roberto from MMAPLUS we did our normal and found McDonald's, this has become a bit of a tradition, the mid afternoon snack of the winning team before an event. We were met at the event and [...]

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Laura Clark of New Wave Academy

I recently met Laura Clark through a job on the local magazine where I was asked to shoot her apartment - its slightly unusual. Soon after Laura asked me if I would be up for taking some portraits at New Wave Academy where she practices MMA. As a result of this she asked if I [...]

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Italy Tour – Penultimate Day – Friday 13th

Our tour is drawing to a close an I am looking forward to getting home, sleeping in my own bed and having some different clothes to wear! In the mean time here are a couple more teasers from our trip, one from an excellent location with some cool graf, the other from a hospital high [...]

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London – South Bank at Night

Another from my Saturday trip out to The South Bank. This is a stitched panorama made up of six or seven images with 3 brackets each. It was taken with my new (second hand) Sigma 12-24. I'm partially happy with the lens, its a bit soft after using the 24-105 L thought, so I have [...]

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Here's a typical scene from the now demolished Hellingly Asylum, sad to see it go, but I guess there has to be progress.  

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Tate Entertaining

I've done some work for Tate Catering a few times in the past and was lucky enough to get asked back last week. Tate Catering do the food for The Tate, both Tate Modern and Tate Britain, its generally high end cuisine accompanied equally fantastic wine. I really enjoy shooting this sort of thing, It's [...]

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Fullers Panorama

Here's a location that's pretty local to me, somewhere in the South of England. It's a fairly small industrial unit that used to produce cat litter for all sorts of brands.Its been empty for a long time now, the machinery rusting and decay slowly taking over. Since I've had my pano head I've wanted to [...]

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Reims – Iemza, Street Art

On the way back from Luxembourg we detoured through France to visit a derelict industrial compound that was due to be flattened. there were still a few buildings left, this one in particular held what we had come to see. The artist of the insect like beings is IEMZA. There's a lot of work gone [...]

Notre Dame de Lourdes – Casablanca

Back to Morocco and a rather nice 360. I specifically went to the cathedral to capture this image. I'd seen interiors shots of the cathedral before but not a full 360 and certainly not an HDR 360. As you can hopefully see its a pretty impressive structure from the inside, outside is rather more mundane. [...]

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Hospital B – Carnage!

Here's a not unusual urbex room - windows broken, metal removed and false ceiling collapsed. This was also very wet with water dripping everywhere including all over my camera, not ideal, but I had to get the shot! Another location in the hospital that I wasn't really too fussed about and If I remember correctly [...]

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National Trust – Cotehele Courtyard #2

The present house was built between 1485 and 1539 during the reigns of Richard III, Henry VII and Henry VIII. Sir Richard Edgcumbe, was rewarded for his loyalty to Henry Tudor at the Battle of Bosworth (the battle was in 1485), started to completely remodel the original 13th century property. Following Richard Edgcumbe's death 4 [...]

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Casablanca – Hassan II Mosque

I've been a bit lazy and taken the info below from Wikipedia, but suffice is to say the mosque is a sight to behold - massive and intricate, built in only six years, it stands on reclaimed land, King Hassan declared that the throne of Allah was on water and therefore that is where the [...]

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University of Liege – Lecture #1

Here's the other place that we really wanted to see at the university. The lecture hall. There were a couple of broken windows so the elements had crept in, along with the pigeons - the place was covered in bird poo. evidence for how long it had been derelict. Other than that the location was [...]

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Dungeness – The Cog

Another trip to Dungeness. This time the weather wasn't so kind to us. It was bloody freezing! Forecast was for sunny spells, but they didn't mention the rain. We were well prepared with lots of clothes, but were still a little chilly. I began to get a bit fed up because of the rain, constantly [...]

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Dungeness – I Used to Fly Like Peter Pan II

I sold a print of another shot of this boat recently so decided to have a look at same subject but from a different angle. This was taken slightly earlier, only a few minutes so I didn't get the low sun glow of the other picture. However after processing the image from the original I'm [...]

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Epic Podcasts

Just a quick post to big up a couple of podccasts that totally rock. Firstly the excellent House Nation, broascast by Lee Harris. Tunes are more on the techy side, excellently mixed and always contain at least one old skool tune fron back in the day to jog the memory. Secondly there is the awesome [...]

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Mental: A History of the Madhouse

Last night I watched Mental: A History of the Madhouse on BBC4 detailing life in the asylums of Britain in the middle of the last century. The show specifically mentioned High Royds, however I have no doubt that conditions were similar in most other institutions throughout the UK in the similar era. It was particularly [...]

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test from my WordPress \ Photoshelter website .

Site almost complete. After almost two weeks my site is almost complete. Just as well i'm not doing a fixed price job -I'd be very skint. Its been a fairly painful journey, but a very rewardng one. I shall be writing up and reviewing my experiences with Wordpress / Photoshelter / and a [...]

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