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The New Forest – Lightpainting

I've been away this weekend and gone to our hideaway in The New Forest. For those of you who don't know this is a national park in the South Of England. I went alone this time, Normally Viveca accompanies me or my Mum comes along, I don't really like boring her with camera stuff though. [...]

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SHOK-1 in Borough

Here's another couple from yesterday's trip home. The artwork is awesome close up and I can see the time and skill required to make these images work. Here's the previous page from the other angle. Click the image for full gallery and larger versions.

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London Street Art – SHOK-1

This evening I went out with the express intention of shooting some images down by the Thames. I pretty much knew what and where to go to get the images I was after and managed to catch what I wanted. On the way back I remembered that there was a little secluded square on my [...]

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Heygate Estate – Locked Up

The front of the housing block looked pretty bleak, all doors and windows shuttered and welded closed. The estate was deserted except for a few people passing through as a short cut. Yet the London traffic was always present. I'd really like to go and shoot some more here, but felt more unsafe than I [...]

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Heygate Estate – Claydon House

I though that I would finish off the Heygate images this evening. As the area is somewhat 'dodgy', with lots of under under and overpasses and covering quite a large area I didn't really hang around and only took about 6 or seven sets of brackets.My apprehension wasn't helped by a medic on a motorbike [...]

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Heygate Estate – RAGE

On Sunday I took a trip to the Heygate Estate in Elephant and Castle in London. This estate was completed in 1974 and was originally conceived as a model of modern urban living with large airy rooms and great views over the center of London. However in recent years due to architectural  and maintainence issues [...]

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Kit Hill – Danger Mine Shaft

Kit hill is a small peak near my Mum's place in the town where I grew up. We used to have the pleasure of running up here is sports at school. I tended to walk most of the way! I thought it would be good to end our New Year stay with a little drive [...]

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Wistman’s Wood – Seeds of Life

Due to some car issues I haven't been able to make it home to London for New Year and have been without wheels for a couple of days. Luckily one of my urbex mates was in the area so he offered to take me out to Dartmoor for something a bit different. A trip to Wistman's Wood. the weather was [...]

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House M – There’s Blood On The Door

After an unsucessful attempt at some urbex photogtaphy earlier in the day, my friend and I ventured to my very local location. It's a tiny house, two rooms upstairs, two downstairs, a kitchen that has now fully collapsed and a semi outdoors toilet. Viveca and I discovered this place around eight months ago, its rapidly detiorating, one [...]

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Crystal Palace Park In The Snow

With very little urbex going on and snow holding up proceedings pretty much everywhere, there was only one option - head for the park. Crystal Palace Park has quite a bit of varied history, it has held motor racing, athaletics, most famously the structure that housed The Great Exhibition of 1851 was moved here and [...]

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Manorhouse S – Light The Fire

I've Been to quite a few wrecked houses and for some reason the fireplaces are always in the middle of the room or missing. Now, I can understand if they are missing, but why go to the trouble of removing it if you are not going to 'remove it'. There are a few of these [...]

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Manorhouse S – Close The Windows

I recently went cycling with some friends and went past abandoned house VERY close to where I live. I'd not seen it before despite the location being so close to home. Several times I've driven past, and as the leaves have fallen to the ground its been obvious to me that the place was properly [...]

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Burngullow Clay Driers

A couple of images from an explore last year with one of my urbex friends. We were both in The West Country visiting relatives over Christmas and decided to hook up for some photo fun. Our target was Burngullow Clay Driers. From what I remember we had a bit of trouble finding the location due [...]

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London Rooftops – North Side and Twitter Madness

After posting a few images of the fireworks and shots from the weekend I was surprised and totally shocked to find out the power of Twitter. Until now I've been a bit skeptical about how many people my blog and twitter actually reach and who actually gets to see my images via this means. I [...]

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London Rooftops – Two Consecutive Evenings

I had a friend asking me about rooftops and as we've been out together before I thought it would be good to arrange a meet and go somewhere with a vies. Initial plan was to go up for the fireworks on Saturday, but i was unsure of the security and amount of people that may [...]

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Abbey Mills – The Steampunk

Another from the archives. I visited this place some time ago. Its a Victorian sewage pumping station believe it or not. All the grandeur that has now given way to functionality in the modern world, overblown visual enhancements are no longer required. This was a truly amazing explore, bright colours and beautiful ironwork. An early [...]

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London Rooftop

My exploring buddy and I decided to have a late night out on the town again. Despite getting some info on another location we decided to stick with what we knew as we both wanted to get some shots of St Paul's Cathedral. We'd been to this location before but not got up to the [...]

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A Cornish Sunset

I've been at my Mum's place this weekend in Cornwall (UK). Spent a couple of evenings driving around trying to find corn fields to take a sunset shot. Just when I was on my way home I came across the exact place that I was after. 6 shot bracket, Topaz and Photomatix 4

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Tate Entertaining

Its been a while since my last post, and to be honest my time has been taken up with processing shots for Tate Entertaining. I was asked to come and take some shots for Tate a couple of weeks ago, specifically their wine cellar, some portraits of Hamish Anderson, the sommelier and cocktails. Its the [...]

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London Rooftops

Last Friday a friend and I decided to go see what we could find around town in the evening. After a half fail (well total fail really) we decided to head for what we knew. The original entrance was no longer viable so we had to use a different way in, it still yielded the  [...]

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Abandoned Quay M

Earlier this year I went home to Cornwall and did a bit of tourist sightseeing. One of the places we went to was a 'living quay' in Devon. This was somewhere that I had been to when I was much younger and quite enjoyed so thought that it would be interesting to go as an [...]

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London at Night

Some time ago a friend and I went to see what we could find high up. We had to wait around a bit and climb many stairs - however the views were well worth it. I would certainly recommend that anyone who has the chance to go high of an evening do it at least [...]

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East London Pool

Another test to Twitter  . . . With any luck i will have everything up and running this evening and will stop dicking about and actually be able to post some content.

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