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Devon – Wool Grading Warehouses

Sheep have grazed upon Dartmoor in Devon for thousands of years. Mills have consequently sprung up in the locality for several hundred years. These have all but closed now as the processes become more mechanised and automated. The sheds were used for grading, spinning and washing until the 1930's when the machinery was sent away [...]

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Last night we had Lord Mayors Fireworks in London. Some friends and I decided to venture up high to see what we could see. We were up there last year for the same event and got some good shots. This year was a little different, joined by several different groups of friendly people with the [...]

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Smithfields – Fish Market

Here;s one from the vaults, taken over a year ago on what was probably one fo my first 'proper' explores. I was really unsure of what to expect the first time I went here, it was earlier in the week from when this shot was taken. A trip with a work colleague, we were quite [...]

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London – Westminster Bridge

Another pano from the same evening as the previous post. This on the whole was easier to process, however masking the cars and vans in PTGui was a real chore, flipping between images to see which was overlapping the other was very hard work and took over an hour to get right.   [...]

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London – Thames View

Here's a pano from my recent river walk. This image, or set of images has been the most complicated for me to process to date and has taken a fair deal of time to get right, both fading light and people out for an evening stroll have cause issues. I've learnt a lot on the [...]

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London – Rooftops

Another late night out. X-Factor was <YAWN> so my friend and I decided to go for a bit of an evening excursion. We've been on this roof before, so knew what to expect. This time access was a little more challenging, but not really too hard after we figured it out. 33 flights of stairs [...]

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Panorama – Southbank from Northbank

This week I went out for a bit of a photo walk along the Thames after work. I'd been finishing later than usual the week before and had noticed how nice the light was just before sundown so I endeavoured to take advantage of this. This is another set of HDR images, the first that [...]

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Crossness Pumpingstation and Panorama Heads

On Sunday Viveca and I went to Crossness Pumping Station. It was Open House London day and as we were a bit slow off the mark we hadn't booked to go anywhere. Its basically a weekend where-lots of usually closed houses and architectural oddities a that are normally closed are opened up to the public. [...]

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Sheffield Toolmakers – Cubby Holes

The tool makers was covered - wall to wall on all floors with cupboards and cubby holes where product would have been stored. There must have been some very knowledgeable people here who could actually manage to find things quickly.The floor all over is covered in pigeon poo! The image is processed with photomatix for [...]

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Sheffield – Tool Makers

Our trips to Sheffield weren't all hunting for cool graf in the city. We had another location to try and search out. The tool makers was established here in the 1860's and closed around 10 years ago. The owners manufactured tools for cutting of leather and tools for making shoes.   The location was very [...]

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Sheffield – Thornseat Lodge

Thornseat Lodge is on the border of the Yorkshire moors, built in 1855 as a shooting and hunting lodge, it was converted to a childrens home in the 1830s and remained as such for 50 years. Apparently vacated in the 80's it has been left to rot since. The building is one of the most [...]

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Phlegm – Looking At You

Another from the telescope fixates Phlegm, this time an exterior image painted on the side of a derelict building.

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Phlegm – Telescopes

A recurring theme in Phlegms work is the use of telescopes - really cool telescopes that go around corners and allow the viewers eye to shine out of the other end - this was placed nicely in a window frame. I've processed this fairly heavily using Nik Filters and Focal Point with a good dose [...]

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Phlegm – Horseman

Finally catching up with 'stuff' after a couple of weeks out of the game dealing with real world work and life. Here's one from an abandoned school / chapel in Sheffield. Another Phlegm piece. Perfectly placed on a back wall amongst the decay and dereliction. Click the image for the full size image and rest [...]

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Sheffield – Filter House

The first location we visited in Sheffield was an abandoned filter house, I believe that it was originally something to do with the local water company. The water tanks are long gone though and the building appears to be used by the local artists as their canvas. There is little tagging in here and the [...]

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Sheffield – Phlegm – Funeral

Final of the three in the series - more great work in my opinion. I'll let the pictures do the talking . . . Click the images to see larger, the gallery or to purchase.

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Sheffield – Phlegm – Balloon Cyclist

Here's the second work of art in the triptych, same artist - Phlegm. I believe that this was the first of the three painted - its really rather nice - very whimsical. and rather charming. I'll not say too much about the shots and let the images speak for themselves. As always my images are [...]

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Sheffield – Phlegm #1

This weekend Viveca and I took a long drive up to Sheffield - Steel City to check some amazing street art by Phlegm. We'd both seen his work online and were keen to see it for real. You don't have to pay to go to go to a gallery like these, just a bit of [...]

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London – Uncontrolled

Here is the view looking up the core of the building - a long way up! I wasn't sure how to process this so tried several different filters, curves and colouring and ended up with the below, I'm not sure quite what it looks like it but I like it.

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London – Citypoint vs Ropemaker Place

After spending time 'up top' we came back down to try to get some decent shots of the buildings opposite our location. I was interested to see both buildings as (in my real world) I've had a client in both buildings. I was surprised to see that several of the floors in the building on [...]

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Barbican – The Three Sisters

Despite mentioning in the last post that not all the best shots are from 'up top' this one is from exactly there - something like 34 floors up looking west over London. Once we caught our breath we cracked upen the camera bags abnd got on with the task in hand. I had quite a [...]

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Roof Topping – The Hall Of The Mountain King

After an impromptu mail conversation my London urbex colleague and I decided to go out on the tiles for a couple of hours. I'd spotted the location ages ago and others have done it recently. I really wanted to be 'first up' but never had the chance (or balls) to do it alone. After a quick scout around we [...]

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BT Tower – Nice View

Here are another couple of shots from the top of the tower. Unfortunately I'm not feeling particularly creative right now so I'll let the pictures do the talking!

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BT Tower

Time for an intermission on the decay and something a little different. I was lucky enough to be invited for drinks and buffet at the top of the BT tower yesterday. For those of you who don't know BT tower is one of the highest buildings in London and is a telecoms hub. I shan't [...]

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Zeche X – Locker Room

Another from the locker room, small lockers where the miners may have kept their positions, clothes being in the birdcages room. We walked through here before moving on to the birdcages knowing that we would return for the final shots of the location. Again this was taken with the 60mm macro, processed with Photomatix and [...]

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London Rooftops – The Shard

Whenever there is a night excursion there is a law that you must take a picture of The Shard, soon to be the tallest building in Europe (I think). It dominates the London skyline even now and is WAY taller than any other building in the City. I cycle to work, the journey is about [...]

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London Rooftops – Southside

Well , Saturday night came and it was time to head to town, camera in hand. 10.30pm kick off was slightly off-putting, but well worth it. I'm quite a fan of rooftops, quiet, great views and almost certainly undisturbed away from the hustle and bustle below. My fellow explorer and I met at the location [...]

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Crystal Palace High Level Station II

Another couple of images from the underpass at Crystal Palace. The image is rather similar to the previous post, but taken from the other corner of the location. I've tried to bring out the texture of the flagstones a little mor in this one. The image below I have processed a bit more heavily and [...]

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Crystal Palace High Level Station

I've been wanting to do this location pretty much since I got into urbex, it's right on my doorstep - within walking distance in fact. Crystal Palace is so named after the iron and glass structure that was originally built in Hyde Park was moved here in 1854 after The Great Exhibition of 1851.  A [...]

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Motorsport at the Palace in Crystal Palace Park

This weekend we had some car racing in the local park. Crystal palace was once used as a proper car racetrack, however it closed many years ago, but recently there has been a two day event hosted here. I was keen to try my hand at shooting moving cars and wondered how I would fare. [...]

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