Maternity – R

I'd run out of portraits recently so posted on one of my local Facebook pages to see if anyone would model for me. R responded swaying that she was pregnant and wondered if I would do a maternity shoot. She wasn't showing too much at the time so we scheduled for a few months later. [...]

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What Do Clients Want and Developing a Style

I recently took some pictures of E for a maternity shoot. I was really happy with them, I think E was too. In fact I think that they were the best set of images I've taken in a log time which is why I keep returning to them. There are a couple of photographers that I [...]

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Maternity Shoot – Emma Jane

Another weekend and another maternity shoot. It was great to have another shoot this weekend. Buoyed by my previous maternity shoot I was excited to have a visit from Emma and her friend Nadia. The shoot was great with three or four outfit changes, along with changing the backdrop for a slightly different look. Emma [...]

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Elisha II

This was the second time that I'd shot Elisha, the first being around a year ago. I think she was the second proper portrait session that I had and I was a bit unsure of myself as I think she was too. Since then I've honed my skills a little and Elisha has gone blonde. [...]

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Recently I shot Nicole for Crush Media. I shot her twice, once at her gym and secondly at my home where I can partially convert my front room into a studio. The gym shoot I found challenging as the space was small and I was unsure of lighting as well as having a lot of mirrors [...]

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Another shoot for Crush Media. Ann-Marie and I had made contact some time ago and we both looked forward to hooking up and getting some great images. This was going to be a bit of a test for me as I knew that we'd be trying something a bit more racy than I am used [...]

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I was contacted recently by a friend of a friend who owns a gym to come and shoot some portraits of one the girls he's been spending time personal training. We swapped messages and images to gain a good idea of what we were after and took it from there. I had no direct contact [...]

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Dannii is a friend of Elisha who I shot not long ago. She's another leggy Woking girl! We'd spent some time chatting on FB and arranged a shoot at my flat for a Sunday afternoon. All went well and once again my house was turned into a photo studio. Dannii and I clicked and although [...]

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Corporate Headshots

Corporate headshots are something that I've fancied having a crack at for some time. I really enjoy shooting portraits anyway and what better way to exercise this than with my own company. The setup was easy and very quick, a simple white wall, shoot through umbrella and light for highlights and separating the subject from [...]

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This weekend I has the pleasure of shooting Dasha. Dasha's mum had contacted me some time ago with a view to take some snaps of her daughter.  I knew that this would be a challenging shoot as I have been recently used to shooting women in lingerie,  so coming up with poses and lighting for [...]

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This weekend I had the pleasure of my second proper photoshoot with a model. Elisha is a friend of Sunny who I shot recently and is a tattoo artist. We'd been plotting for a while so had an idea of what between us we wanted to shoot. Similar to Sunny, Elisha hadn't modeled previously which surprised [...]

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New Wave Academy

Back to where it all started a few weekends ago. Colin Nwadike at New Wave Academy, my local MMA club invited me back to take some more fighter pictured for the website and for any events that are coming up. It was great to see some of the same faces again and to see how [...]

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J.C. Santana for Fighting Fit Magazine

This weekend I was lucky enough to be asked to shoot Juan Carlos Santana for Fighting Fit Magazine. I received a call in the week out of the blue to go and do a shoot of J.C. performing some exercises with a resistance band for a series of instructional pictorial features in FFMag. Although I [...]

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New Wave Academy – MMA Fighters

I was lucky enough to be asked to shoot some of the local MMA athletes recently.  Its the first time that I have been able to practice a three light technique on people other than myself or close friends, so was somewhat apprehensive and excited about doing it especially given that they are all pretty [...]

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Dolittle at The Hope and Anchor

I've been a fan of Dolittle for YEARS, possibly the first time I saw Ange play was at Reading Festival somewhere around '91 in his prior incarnation as EAT front man, my memory is a bit fuzzy, but I think that they played twice that year, once on the main stane and as a stand [...]

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Crystal Palace Overground Festival With Friends

I don't normally blog or add 'personal' pictures, but I thought that yesterdays day out deserved a shout. The area in which I live (Crystal Palace) had a cool mini festival this weekend, It was a good excuse for friends to get together and hang out for a few hours. We all met at my [...]

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Composite Number One

Since I've been taking photos I've been an admirer of the work of Joel Grimes and his composites. This was partially the driver for me getting some more strobes and lighting kit. I thought 'I can do that'! Well after a few tutorials and a bit of messing about I have managed to produce my [...]

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Viveca and Jasper

I now have three strobes and associated stands and softboxes I've been messing about with them  quite a bit. Viveca asked me to take some pictures of her and Jasper the cat. He's pretty old so Viveca wanted to get some decent pics of him and her together. This was actually quite a challenge, The [...]

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Self Portrait

A quite Saturday led to a quick self portrait with my flash. I bought a couple of flashes, stands, a softbox and umbrella some time ago but haven't used them in a while, mostly because my remote trigger has been a bit temperamental. I have a long cable to trigger with though so thought it [...]

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