The Gas Masks

One of the final stops on our tour was to the school in Pripyat. This was a shot that we all wanted to capture, its been taken hundreds of times before, but to actually see the number of gasmasks left here is astounding. There must have been around a thousand of these left on the [...]

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The Grabber

There are lots of 'things' left around Pripyat as you would expect from an abandoned city, most of these have only slightly elevated radioactivity, the majority of the vehicles have been removed to another location where they can be monitored and visitors are rarely allowed to see them due to the latency of the radiation, [...]

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Pripyat City

I recently went on a trip to Pripyat near the Chernobyl reactor that blew up on April 26th 1986. I can just about remember this from my younger days, I would have been 15 and in the throws of preparing for my exams I think. I probably just thought that is was something bad that [...]

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