Lavoir a Charbon – Mechanised II

Here's another washerie - a different one from the previous image. After going to several locations that are similar, particular power stations its funny how they all seem to meld together - similar features and decay. All still beautiful inmy opinion. This place was in a fairly good state though - the floors were solid [...]

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Back On It!

After a bit of a hiatus I am back on it. I've had a week or so off social media and blogging whilst out in France with friends. Its the first holiday that I've had in over five years where I've done 'nothing'. We sat by the pool, drank great wine, eat wonderful food and [...]

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Lavoir à Charbon – Mechanised

The second washerie we went to was a death trap, rusty floors and stairs. However the risk was worth it. The machinery on the top floor was lovely, decaying gracefully. I have no idea what these machines did or how they did it, the paddles look too fragile to actually sort or 'paddle' the coal. [...]

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Lavoir à Charbon A – Pincer Action

It wasn't all manor houses and hospitals on our recent tour of Italy. On the way we travelled through France and Luxembourg, stopping off at a rather tasty coke washing plant. This was an interesting one as the site that it is on is live with plenty of people around. thankfully we entered unnoticed and [...]

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Reims – Iemza, Street Art

On the way back from Luxembourg we detoured through France to visit a derelict industrial compound that was due to be flattened. there were still a few buildings left, this one in particular held what we had come to see. The artist of the insect like beings is IEMZA. There's a lot of work gone [...]

IEMZA – Panorama

Click the play button for the full screen pano, it may take a few seconds to load so please be patient

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Grandes Moulins des Paris – Graff’d

Quick evening post tonight. I've seen a lot of totally awesome graffiti / street art in abandoned places. Some really intricate astounding pieces, both small and large with awesome placement, sympathetic to the surroundings. I've also see a lot of tagging - simple marker or paint sprays daubed and repeated all over the place in [...]

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Grandes Moulins des Paris – Dont Look Down

Getting back to the GMdP set now.  Andy and I spent a little more time in the right hand wing of the mill as the floors looked a little more solid, only just though. There was a good deal of walking where we expected the supports to be. Luckily there were no mishaps. This side [...]

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Sinteranlage – Shore Leave

Quick break form my GMdP series . . .  .I wanted to do something heavily processed for a change and make use of all the filter armament at my disposal. This is Sinteranlage a steel foundry in Germany. Built in 1920 and deserted 85 years later. The location is made up of two distinct parts [...]

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Les Grandes Moulins de Paris – Potential Risk #2

This shot is from the other side of the previous image. again it gives a good impression of how trashed GMdP is. The long vacant space with all of the open crossing floor supports gave a great viewpoint and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the image processing wise. I'm very happy [...]

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Les Grandes Moulins de Paris – Potential Risk #1

This was the last location we visited on our Euro Tour and was on the way back to Calais for the ferry so it seemed rude not to pay a visit. We didn't have very much time and calculated that we could only spend 1h 30m in the location. We did our normal external recce [...]

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