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ECVB Panorama Collection


I posted this pano at the weekend on a pano Facebook page and a few people pointed out stitching errors that I’d not noticed previously, so I decided to have another go at it.After looking at the original I have […]

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Terres Rouge – Red Earth

Red Earth_web

I don’t often include images of the people I explore with in my pics, but decided this was a good one of my friend RomanyWG, his son Ellis is sneaking into shot on the right too. It gives an idea […]

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Terres Rouge


Terres Rouge is so named due to the red earth that covers this area. I huge industrial area ion the border of France and Luxembourg. There isn’t that much left now, a few of these silos and  a powerstation remain, […]

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Centrale Thermique – Take It Away

Take It Away_web

I’ve been doing a lot of panoramas recently and although I really like doing them I wanted to get back to something more my usual style. I wanted PIPES this evening. I was searching through my images from last summer […]

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Image Processing Tutorial

Cheratte Shelving_web

I thought that I’d create a post showing how I created an image this morning. I’ve been spending a bit of time brushing up on skills and looking into tutorials recently, so I thought it was time to put into […]

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Some Assorted ROA


I just realised that I’ve not blogged my ROA images from Doel in Belgium – so here you go!

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Maison R – tell Me About It

Tell Me About It_web

Every urbex photographer likes a chair. I’m not sure what it evokes, but a seat in an empty room can make a picture – the subject adding interest to an otherwise mediocre space. If this chair had not been in […]

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Chateau Y – Disconnected By Your Smile

Bed time_s

Another great example of my recent Euro Tour #2 and the state that houses are left in. The house was chock full of ‘stuff’ all the cupboards were still full with books and jars, some clothes left too. A really […]

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Chateau Y – Daydream


This is the reason why Europe is awesome for exploring – houses / chateaus and the like all left in good condition, possibly things get moved around, but generally things are left as they are. This house is an excellent […]

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Chateau Y – Jesus Saves

Jesus Saves

Here’s a fairly straight forward image from Chateau Y- one of the many religious images hung on the walls here. An interesting point is that the paper has obviously fallen from the right of the hung picture, however its been […]

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Maison R – Madonna

Madonna in My House

Maison R has more religious stuff than I have seen at any other location, pictures, crosses, Madonna and Jesus adorn every room. The house even has its own chapel. Possibly the cleanest and tidiest room in the whole house. I’d […]

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ECVB – Cockerill


Here’s my final panorama from ECVB – this is taken from the area furthest from the control room. More super pipes for you to scroll around. Hit the full screen icon (the right hand square) once the image has loaded  […]

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ECVB – Organ Pipes


This is the money shot at ECVB. Right in front of the control room facing the four massive silver pipes that extend to the ceiling. From here the true majesty of the site can be seen, it really is awesome. […]

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ECVB – Turbine Hall


Here’s the turbine hall at ECVB. Compared to the rest of the facility its pretty sparse. All of the interesting stuff is below. There are two turbines housed in here, one at the far end of the hall transversely angled […]

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ECVB – The Cathedral


Since the first time I went to ECVB  on a solo trip quite some time ago I have wanted to do a series of panoramas of this awesome location. The main hall is so vast that to take simple images […]

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ECVB – The Sky is the Limit

sky is the limit_s

This weekend we took a trip to Belgium. I’ve been previously a month or so ago and was quite unsuccessful at getting the images that I wanted, I was after some panorama images of the turbine hall, but unfortunately wasn’t […]

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Chateau T – Enter If You Dare

This is what I have come to expect in mainland Europe. A wonderful house / castle left to rot, it’s such a shame. Its possible that the land owner also purchased some other local land and was asked as part […]

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Powerstation CT – Turbine Hall

This is one of the first places that turned me on to urbex. I’d seen images of another part of the facility and knew that I had to go one day. A couple of weeks ago my friend ROMANYWG and […]

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Chateau Y – Adler

Its amazing when you find something like this in a room out urbexing. there was nothing else in the space excepting this old Alder sewing machine. I doubt it was put there by the (angry) owner, more than likely by […]

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Maison R – Lay Me Down To Rest

Another from the weird house.  This is one of the numerous bedrooms in the house. I didn’t set-up the shot. It looks as if this hasn’t been touched for a number of years and is possibly someone’s deathbed, or certainly […]

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Maison R – My Favorite Dress

This was the first ‘house’ that we went to on our explore. I’ll call it Maison R. This one had a really weird feeling to it, things were on the whole left as if the owner had just vacated the […]

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Chateau S – The Cutting Room

Another of the locations that we visited on the recent tour of some Benelux urbex goodness. This was a small house in a tiny village on the borders of Luxembourg and Belgium. After an initial recce we decided on a […]

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Spirals of My Mind

Here’s a shot of the wonderful stairs at Château Y. this was possibly the best decorated house I’ve seen from an abandoned point of view – walls all painted with beautiful frescos but left to rot. We were disturbed soon […]

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Liège-Guillemins Railway Station – Panorama

I’ve recently got myself a panorama head and have been quietly testing it at home before taking it out on adventures abroad. This is my first ‘proper’ test and public showing of the results. I’m fairly happy with the results […]

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Liège-Guillemins Station

Liège-Guillemins Station was built in 2009 by architect Santiago Calatrava. It’s a very impressive structure, more so in in evening when it is deserted and lit. the stark white beams and supports looking somewhat futuristic and life like. It certainly […]

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University of Liege – Lecture #1

Here’s the other place that we really wanted to see at the university. The lecture hall. There were a couple of broken windows so the elements had crept in, along with the pigeons – the place was covered in bird […]

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University of Liege – Stair Action #2

Here’s another couple of shots of the sitars. I really wanted to go the high key clean processing and look for these and am very happy with the outcome. Click the images for a larger version and full gallery

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University of Liege – Stair Action

We stopped over in Liege on the way through Belgium and wanted to pop into see the University. In particular the lecture theatre. . Guided by a handy map we made our entrance, this made things somewhat easier and saved […]

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ECVB – I’ve Got The Power

Here’s a shot from the top of the ‘organ pipes’ room. We had driven from London to early in the morning leaving around 4.30 am – a journey of around 6 hours including the ferry to France. ECVB was the […]

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Crypt X – God Loves His Children

Nice little explore this one. We arrived at the cemetery after it had closed. This afforded us easy access after a bit of a climb. No tourists around to disturb entry to the crypt and no-one peering in to see […]

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