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Featured – Mark Blundell Photography

Tate Switch Room

I was invited to come over to the Tate Switch Room and take some images of the new restaurant areas earlier this week. It was a long but enjoyable day. I had access to all of the new bars and eateries in the Tate and had a great time shooting in the new building. It's [...]

By | July 2nd, 2016|Blog, Featured|0 Comments

Stand and Bang – Final

Well, Stand and Bang Final was Kyle Greaves swansong at the Woking HG wells centre at the start of 2016. Kyle is looking for a larger more suited venue for his excellent kickboxing and muay thai event. Stand and Bang is an awesome event. Although a lot of the fighters that Kyle puts on are [...]

By | March 21st, 2016|Blog, Featured, London, Sport|0 Comments

Warrior Fight Series Weighins

I was going to write a post about the Warrior Fight Series event, but I always do that so I thought that I'd write about the weigh ins instead as I really enjoyed the shoot, so I hope you will keep visiting my blog after you see this. Previous weigh ins have been held at the [...]

By | March 21st, 2016|Blog, Featured, London, Sport, Sport, UK|0 Comments

Maternity – R

I'd run out of portraits recently so posted on one of my local Facebook pages to see if anyone would model for me. R responded swaying that she was pregnant and wondered if I would do a maternity shoot. She wasn't showing too much at the time so we scheduled for a few months later. [...]

By | February 10th, 2016|Blog, Featured, Portraiture|0 Comments

Brix and the Extricated

Another Friday, and another gig for Mute Elephant. I really wasn't sure of what to expect from the lineup (Brix and the Extracted // The Membranes // Tom Hingley Band). I'd heard the names before, but not the music. I'd been asked to come along and take some photos so I wasn't going to turn down [...]

By | November 28th, 2015|Blog, Featured, Music|0 Comments

Muay Thai Mayhem

I've not shot at Muay Thai Mayhem before but heard good things about the event so had been looking forward to hooking up with John Jarvis for a while. The evening was held at Effingham Golf Course in a wonderful round room decked out with a lot of full tables and packed to the rafters, [...]

By | November 22nd, 2015|Blog, Featured, Sport|0 Comments

Fuzzbox at the 100 Club

I've not shot at 100 Club before so was excited to go there and take pics for Mute Elephant. To be totally frank I was more excited about seeing Tim Muddiman And The Strange  as well as Saffron than Fuzzbox. Tim opened the proceedings with his dark punky tunes, the band played an excellent set [...]

By | November 14th, 2015|Blog, Featured, Music|0 Comments

What Do Clients Want and Developing a Style

I recently took some pictures of E for a maternity shoot. I was really happy with them, I think E was too. In fact I think that they were the best set of images I've taken in a log time which is why I keep returning to them. There are a couple of photographers that I [...]

By | November 11th, 2015|Blog, Featured, Portraiture|0 Comments

Maternity Shoot – Emma Jane

Another weekend and another maternity shoot. It was great to have another shoot this weekend. Buoyed by my previous maternity shoot I was excited to have a visit from Emma and her friend Nadia. The shoot was great with three or four outfit changes, along with changing the backdrop for a slightly different look. Emma [...]

By | November 7th, 2015|Blog, Featured, Portraiture|0 Comments

KSW 32 The Road to Wembley

I've shot a few big shows in my time as an MMA Photographer, Cage Warriors // BAMMA // and UFC, but I'm pretty sure that nothing has come close to my experience at KSW 32 this weekend. Production was slick from the very start of the event, admittedly it did take a little bargaining to secure [...]

By | November 2nd, 2015|Blog, Featured, Sport|0 Comments

Maternity Photography – My First Shoot

I recently put a post on my local Facebook group, I was inundated with replies and to be hones it was my own fault for not being more specific in what I shoot. Surprising that so many people hadn't looked at my website to see my style. One of the respondents asked if I would [...]

By | October 25th, 2015|Blog, Featured|0 Comments

Indie Daze

Indie Dave is a day of gigs organised by my friend Grant Holby at London's Forum in Kentish Town. As the name suggests its all about Indie and Grant pulled together a veritable top list of late 80's / early 90's bands for everyone's pleasure. I was slightly apprehensive about the day, it would be [...]

By | October 4th, 2015|Blog, Featured, Music|0 Comments

Kennall Vale Gunpowder Mill

Viveca and I were down in Cornwall for the Bank Holiday weekend and decided to have a trip to the woods. Kennal Vale Gunpowder Mill to be precise. I'd seen pictures on the web of this place and thought it looked promising for some photos. The walk itself isn't very long and had we not [...]

By | September 7th, 2015|Blog, Cornwall, Featured, UK|1 Comment


This weekend we went to Cornwall and had a day trip to Polperro. We had thought about going to Looe, but glad we took the better option. I can't remember the last time I went here so it was nice to have the day out with Mum and Viveca. Smuggling is understood to have prospered [...]

By | September 2nd, 2015|Blog, Cornwall, Featured, UK|1 Comment

Warrior Fight Series 4

Warrior Fight Series 4 took place at London's York Hall last weekend, a stacked card with two mouthwatering main event bouts that were expected to bring fireworks. Jack Hermansson vs. Karlos Vemola were set to battle it out for the Warrior Fight Series Middleweight Championship with Jefferson George defending his title against Brad Wheeler. Harry [...]

By | August 10th, 2015|Blog, Featured, London, Sport, Sport|0 Comments

Neds Atomic Dustbin @ Koko

I've beena fan of Neds Atomic Dustbin for years (and years), most likley since I was about 18 so it was a real treat to be invited along to shoot them for Mute Elephant at Koko this weekend. It's twenty five years since the release of their breakthrough record Kill Your Television so what better [...]

By | July 19th, 2015|Blog, Featured, Music|0 Comments

Stand and Bang – Large

I was invited to shoot Stand and Bang - Large by my friend Kyle Greaves again. I've shot Stand and Bang a couple of times and its always a great evening. Kyle has a tight team around him, MC Peter Lowe with his exceptional enthusiasm. Reffing by Chris Batcheldor who is always fair and certinaly [...]

By | July 19th, 2015|Blog, Featured, Sport, Sport, Uncategorized|0 Comments

Elisha II

This was the second time that I'd shot Elisha, the first being around a year ago. I think she was the second proper portrait session that I had and I was a bit unsure of myself as I think she was too. Since then I've honed my skills a little and Elisha has gone blonde. [...]

By | June 7th, 2015|Blog, Featured, Portraiture|0 Comments

MMA Photography – The Half Century

This weekend I realised that I had passed the milestone of fifty MMA photography gigs. I thought that this would be worthy of a post to share my thoughts on the matter, how I have progressed and general feelings about the mixed martial arts scene. I shot my first MMA event at Fury in September [...]

By | May 27th, 2015|Blog, Featured, Sport, Sport|0 Comments

Warrior Fight Series #3

I had the pleasure of shooting Warrior Fight Series again this weekend. This was Harry Shoebridges third outing on his own and the first at a London venue, the iconic York Hall, home to many boxing events over the years. I'd not shot here before so was interested in finding out how it would work. [...]

By | May 25th, 2015|Blog, Featured, Sport, Sport|0 Comments

Super Fight Series

This weekend it was the turn of some Kickboxing at Super Fight Series at the SSE arena Wembley. Its a while since Ive been to Wembly, the last time was I think to see Duran Duran several years ago, this was a totally different proposition though. Upon arival my buddy Roberto from MMA Plus guided [...]

By | May 18th, 2015|Blog, Featured, Sport|0 Comments

Andrew Tate

I've long been an admirer of Andrew Tate, he's a flamboyant guy in the ring and off it too he has a love of nice cars and going to the casino on the odd occasion, some would say he is a bit of a playboy. I'd wanted to spend some time with him for a [...]

By | April 12th, 2015|Blog, Featured, Sport|0 Comments

Royler Gracie at Eddie Kone BJJ

This Sunday I spent the day in the company of Royler Gracie at Eddie Kone BJJ. I'm no know it all with Jiu Jitstu bu any means, but I do know that the Gracie family are up there and when the call came from MMAPlus asking if I'd be interested in shooting it I jumped [...]

By | March 16th, 2015|Blog, Featured, Sport|0 Comments

Stand and Bang Oblivion

I've recently calmed down the Martial arts photography as it was all getting a bit 'samey'. I wasn’t getting the excitement or thrill of being at the front snapping any more however when I saw the Kyle Greaves was putting on another Stand and Bang at Woking’s H.G. Wells Centre I was all over it. [...]

By | March 1st, 2015|Blog, Featured|0 Comments


Recently I shot Nicole for Crush Media. I shot her twice, once at her gym and secondly at my home where I can partially convert my front room into a studio. The gym shoot I found challenging as the space was small and I was unsure of lighting as well as having a lot of mirrors [...]

By | December 11th, 2014|Blog, Featured, Portraiture|0 Comments


Another shoot for Crush Media. Ann-Marie and I had made contact some time ago and we both looked forward to hooking up and getting some great images. This was going to be a bit of a test for me as I knew that we'd be trying something a bit more racy than I am used [...]

By | December 11th, 2014|Blog, Featured, Portraiture|0 Comments

The Gas Masks

One of the final stops on our tour was to the school in Pripyat. This was a shot that we all wanted to capture, its been taken hundreds of times before, but to actually see the number of gasmasks left here is astounding. There must have been around a thousand of these left on the [...]

By | November 15th, 2014|Blog, Explored, Featured, Overseas, Ukraine, Uncategorized|0 Comments

The Grabber

There are lots of 'things' left around Pripyat as you would expect from an abandoned city, most of these have only slightly elevated radioactivity, the majority of the vehicles have been removed to another location where they can be monitored and visitors are rarely allowed to see them due to the latency of the radiation, [...]

By | November 14th, 2014|Blog, Explored, Featured, Ukraine|0 Comments

Young British Foodies

I had a short notice gig last week for The Tate. It was 11.15 "Can you get to The Tate for 2.30 to shoot some dishes for us?" of course I could. As always I was welcomed warmly, looked after by the excellent front of house staff as well as being introduced to the chief [...]

By | November 10th, 2014|Blog, Featured, Food|0 Comments

Lion Fighting Championships

It's been a while since I've shot MMA due to a change in tack for me and the way in which I want to work, however I had arranged with Leo Alderman some time ago to shoot Lion Fighting Championships some time ago and true to my word I was looking forward to getting back up [...]

By | October 7th, 2014|Blog, Featured, Sport, Sport|0 Comments
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