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Filature EDP

Next Stop Filature EDP. I have no idea what EDP stands for but from the visit I can only surmise that it has to do with printing or production of garments. I was thoroughly underwhelmed with the location at first, ground floor trashed and full of junk, most of it garish, from what looks like [...]

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HH3 – The Holy Hospital

Second day got off to a slow start. I didn't get up quite as quickly as I would have liked. I think my dodgy ankle may have caused me not to sleep too well, consequently I woke several times in the night. First stop was Organ Monastery. After doing a recce I decided against it. [...]

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An early start preceded an easy journey to Dover, the sun was out and the sky was blue. As soon as I arrived in France the Satnav took over. First stop RTT the holiday home for the Belgium Telecoms workers children. I managed to walk straight past it due to bad pin positioning in my [...]

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Deserted Reflections at Marconi

I recently went for a trip to Marconi in Chelmsford. It was a solo explore and as such I am always very cautious and generally dont stay too long due to being wired up to every niose, creak, pigoen and anything untoward. However the size and the fact that it was a lovely sunny day [...]

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Abandoned Quay M

Earlier this year I went home to Cornwall and did a bit of tourist sightseeing. One of the places we went to was a 'living quay' in Devon. This was somewhere that I had been to when I was much younger and quite enjoyed so thought that it would be interesting to go as an [...]

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West Park Asylum

West Park Asylum - what can I say?! 11-12 trips last summer, some alone, some as a couple, others in large groups rushing around trying to capture as much as possible. This is the place where I met my lovely girlfriend, learnt a lot about photography, made some excellent people and avoided security (not that [...]

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