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Abandoned House – Location Unknown

Viveca and I were at my Mum's place and stumbled upon this house in a nearby village. Funny considering I've lived there all my life and never knew it was there.

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Goodbye Hell – The Report

Yesterday I went to Hellingly Asylum. I'd heard that it was in the process of demo so decided to go for one last look to see the state of things and how work was progressing. It took me a bit of time to get in as I managed to get lost in the woods which [...]

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Welcome to Hell

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Switch For External Lights

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Leybourne Grange Corridors

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Leybourne Grange

Yesterday Viveca and I went to Laybourne Grange for a bit of photography and urbexing. Having done little research on the place before we arrived i was unsure of what to find, whether the day would be foiled by security, or if the place would be full of hidden treasures and artefacts, items left by [...]

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West Park Asylum

West Park Asylum - what can I say?! 11-12 trips last summer, some alone, some as a couple, others in large groups rushing around trying to capture as much as possible. This is the place where I met my lovely girlfriend, learnt a lot about photography, made some excellent people and avoided security (not that [...]

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New Gallery : Marconi

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East London Pool

Another test to Twitter  . . . With any luck i will have everything up and running this evening and will stop dicking about and actually be able to post some content.

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West Park Wheelchair

Checking out Tumblr / Twitter integration . . .

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Potters Manor

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