My freind Shando alerted me to the BMW Art Car exhibit a couple of weeks ago via some amazing pics on his Facebook page. I decided to bunk off for a couple of hours at lunch on Friday to go have a look. The exhibition is in a small unmarked multi-story carpark in the East End of London, pretty inconspicuous and I had to do a tiny bit of hunting around to find it.

Seven floors up and I was greeted with the below, a rather nice looking pure track car.

 (Mark Blundell)

BMW V12 LMR by Jenny Holzer

Each of the cars has been commissioned bt BMW to be painted by a famous artist. Now, different people have different ideas of what ‘art’ is.

BMW Art Cars (Mark Blundell)

Jeff Koons’ BMW M3 GT2

Some of the cars I thought looked pretty good, others not so. It was quite easy to see where some of the artists had put a bit of thought into the work and others had not!BMW Art Cars (Mark Blundell)

Frank Stella 1976 BMW 3.0CSL

I will be honest, I thought some of these were really good, Jeff Koons in particular, however if I came out of my front door in the morning to find my car decorated like others I wouldn’t be very impressed.