I’d not been to an air show in about 20 years, so though that it might be fun to go and see some fast jets, and some not so fast prop aircraft this Saturday.

The static displays were a little disappointing as all of the planes were fenced off. I remember going to airshows when I was young and being able to see close up and to be able to touch the planes, even sit in them on occasion. I guess times have changed no though and the world is a different place.

Flying displays were good though. Highlights being The Red Arrows (of course) and the Red Bull duet who somehow managed to get their planes to fly sideways! I have many pictures of grey dots on a grey background – longer lens required.

I wasn’t totally on the ball due to a late night on Friday (more of that later this week) and did manage to fall asleep on the grass for a little bit, snoring punctuated by the roar of the jets overhead.