I’ve been a bit lax sorting out posts for a week or so now – mainly due to being busy at the weekends and the photo’s that I have taken being not particularly up to standard.

I recently received a light tent and mini studio –  both very similar, one folds down like a softbox, the other is more portfolio like and solid.  I decided to have a mess around with solid version last night in preparation for some work I have on Friday.

Beer on Black

Both of these were taken with a flash left and right dialed down to 1/16th / 1/32nd power with camera firing on 1/200th and aperture adjusted to be give the best exposure.

Fosters Millionaire

I was impressed at how easy it was to take these images and how well they came out, considering that I was laying on the floor in my living room hand holding and moving the flash position. I have also tried out using white backgrounds which works equally well, especially with an opaque background.

Both are almost SOTC with only widening of the frame, and a little curve changed to make the subject on the right hand side. I realise now that I am at work that I can see the break in the image at the top, where I painted in the darker area on the left. I wasn’t aware of this at home. It may be time for a new monitor.