Despite mentioning in the last post that not all the best shots are from ‘up top’ this one is from exactly there – something like 34 floors up looking west over London.

Once we caught our breath we cracked upen the camera bags abnd got on with the task in hand. I had quite a bit of trouble with my 18-135 as the lowesst f-stop is 5.6 and exposures were over the 30 second mark on my 550D. Not wanting to crank up the iso too much I switched to the ‘nifty fifty’. F1.8 afforded more reasonable exposures at the expense of a softer image, but with the processing that I use thats not too much of a worry.

The shot below is of Lauderdale Tower, Shakespeare Tower and Cromwell Tower (from L-R), designed by Chamberlin Powell and Bon in the 1950’s. The Barbican Estate has swung between being fashionable to being hugely despised as an eyesore but generally loved by those who live there.Recently these buildings have become listed and as such are protected from change.

 (Mark Blundell)

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