Balestrino – Abandoned Church

The third day of our trip was a treat – an abandoned village on the side of a hill. After a little confusion we found the right place. RoamnyWG and I had different locations in mind, I’d found a different village to him!

The weather was great, lovely and sunny and the small village contained a lot of ruined houses. The highlight for me was this church, somewhat trashed but good for a panorama regardless. In 1953, the town was abandoned due to geological instability.

The image is image up of 18 sets of 7 images, 126 images in all. The images are processed with Photomatix and stitched with PTGui

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  1. Chris Luckhardt

    Absolutely stellar work Mark! I have a new favourite urbex image!

  2. Bob Lussier

    Mark, this is spectacular! What a fantastic trip!

  3. Edith Levy

    Fantastic. This is incredible.

  4. Mark_Blundell

    Thanks for the comments guys – should have another pano up this evening.

  5. tinafreysd

    What a beautiful kind of church…I want to see this and visit also..Thank you for the beautiful picture..

  6. Mark

    Great photo and a great process.

  7. Mark Neal

    Wonderful use of technology, Mark. Makes me dizzy but I still really like it.

  8. There isn’t a single element here that is not totally captivating. The roof with it’s braces and the gentle shadows they cast on the ceiling, the textures in the decay, the details in the architecture… I could go on and on… you, sir, are a master of this artform.

  9. Viveca Koh

    Lovely pano, I really like the colouring of this one. It looks as if it was once a very pretty church once upon a time….


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