Due to Photoshop having a bit of a hissy fit on me this evening I decided to post one that I took last night whist messing with the flash. I really enjoy portraiture and it’s something that I’d like to excel in. At the moment its limited to self shots. I’m not yet skilled enough to get out there as there appears to be a lot of tweaking required and I feel I’m the only one who has the patience to deal with that. Having said that there is also a lot of back and forth to check focus and framing as I cant always stand in the same place!

Self Portrait of Mark Blundell (Mark Blundell)

This is a single exposure with the flash held in my hand pointing up at the ceiling. I really like the effect that it gives, nice light, fairly soft. Shot with the Canon 85mm f1.8 on my 550D. I’ve processed a little using my curve painting method and Nik filters.