Mark Blundell

Who Am I?

My interest in photography has stemmed from receiving a Zenit 122 from my Grandfather after he passed away. The camera sadly languished under my bed for several years until a trip to Pyestock with the point and click, this re-ignited a latent interest and  prompted the purchase of a few rolls of 35mm and a trip  to East Sussex for a wander around a well known asylum. Soon after an investment in a digital camera was made and the rest is history.

I have recently become very interested in shooting portraits, enjoying interacting with models / clients and getting the absolute best that I can out of them. I enjoy having control of the. Don’t worry if you’ve never posed or modeled before. I enjoy coaching and provide help and direction for posing.

None of the people on this site are ‘real models’ they are all clients, friends or friends of friends who had never stood in front of a camera properly before.

Interested in a shoot?

I very much enjoy helping you to pose naturally and to get the best look that I can from you. When I work with models we generally chat well before meeting to discuss what we both want out of the shoot. Often we’ll set up a pinterest board to share ideas and concepts or certain looks to make sure that both you and I are aware of what we are looking to achieve. This saves time and makes sure that we are both on the same wavelength on the day. Of course that also reduces the amount of clothes you need to bring along!
Generally a portrait shoot will take around 3-4 hours which will comprise of three or four changes of clothes and different lighting setups and backgrounds. I very rarely set an actual time on a shoot and prefer to work in an unhurried manner to ensure that everyone is relaxed.

If you’d like to bring a friend along that’s great, its alway handy to have someone to help both me and you out, to make sure that there are no loose threads  / clothing looks good as well as for me having someone to be a hair wafter!

I’m based in Crystal Palace in South London. All of the my portrait images are shot in my own flat. There are great transport connections from Central London and via Clapham from the South.  I’ll even come and get you from the train station if needed.

Looking for an Event Photographer?

Shooting martial arts events has been consuming over the last four years.  I am the Head Photographer for MMAPlus and have shot over sixty mixed martial arts, kickboxing and boxing events up and down the country including UFC, Glory as well as Cage Warriors  and BAMMA.

I am currently the official photographer for Warrior Fight Series, Stand and Bang and Lion Fight Championship.