Earlier this year I went home to Cornwall and did a bit of tourist sightseeing. One of the places we went to was a ‘living quay’ in Devon. This was somewhere that I had been to when I was much younger and quite enjoyed so thought that it would be interesting to go as an adult.

I was very surprised to find that the carpark was almost empty when we arrived. Considering htat it was a weekend around Easter one would expect it to be far more busy. After starting to look around we realised that the park must have gone bust as there were no Victorian miners to be found. the blacksmiths was empty and the cooper wasn’t there making his barrels.

It was quite surreal walking around what was essentially a ghost town. There were no signs of vandalism or theft and a few others enjoying a walk by the river.

The main reason that I wanted to come here was a ‘hidden’ quay further down the river that one of my local school friends had photographed fairly recently. It looked interesting and more overgrown than the rest of the village.  There was a fair bit left there, an old rusting steam winch engine and several of the tourist trains along with the quay and foundations of several buildings.

Steam Engine

My overall feeling on leaving was one of sadness that something that i had enjoyed as a youngster was no more and in an area where unemployment is high that fact that there must me many people left without jobs due to its demise. A sad story indeed.

Morwellham 2

On the plus side it was my Mum’s first urbex experience. It was quite funny seeing her keeping guard as Viveca and I were snooping around!