Recently I have noticed that my tag cloud at the foot of my web page was becoming very long and causing the page to be way too long for little benefit.

I investigated how to adjust this and came up with a very simple solution:

Navigate to your ..\WP-INCLUDES\.. folder from your host and download the CATEGORY-TEMPLATE.PHP file.

Open the downloaded .PHP file in a PHP or HTML editor and find the lines below.

The variables that we are concerned with  are :

SMALLEST : this is the smallest font size that will be displayed.

LARGEST : is the largest font size shown in the tag cloud.

NUMBER : the number of tags in use, by default this is set to 45. I have reduced it here to 20.

Resave the file and upload it to the same place. It may be wise to rename the old file ‘just in case’.

If Photoshelter is used (as per this site) you will have to reload the WP theme to PS. Remember that any customisations will be lost and have to be reapplied, In my case I had to re-add the custom favicon line.