Well Dressed

Mark Blundell Self Portrait

This weekend Viveca and I went to The New Forest for a weekend out of town. Amongst other things I was looking forward to doing some flash photography in the woods.

We didn’t managed to achieve what I set out to – that will have to wait until another time. I did however manage some good self portraits and learnt more about the flash and how to use it outdoors.

Viveca scouted out a good location  (which I nicked). My kit here consists of a Metz 48AF1 in a softbox above and to my left and Jessops 360AFD behind me in the bushes. to create a halo effect.All shots are take with either 180/th or 250/th sec exposure and using remotes on the flashes.

I’m very happy with the outcome and the east with which I achieved what I was after. The shot on this page is straight out of the camera with only cropping.

There’s a few more HERE