Well , Saturday night came and it was time to head to town, camera in hand. 10.30pm kick off was slightly off-putting, but well worth it.

I’m quite a fan of rooftops, quiet, great views and almost certainly undisturbed away from the hustle and bustle below. My fellow explorer and I met at the location and made our way in – after finding the correct stair well we took the stairs up 24 floors, stopping for a breather half way. Once on the roof we took in the views before getting the cameras out. As the location is still a building site its slightly frustrating trying to get images nailed without scaffold in the way.

London Night Panorama (Mark Blundell)

There were two shots that I really wanted to get – one a panorama of the London skyline, the other was to take a few self portraits looking a bit mysterious!

 (Mark Blundell)

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