Right at the top of the house were a couple of rooms that were still left with ‘things’ in them. This was the only one with a bed though. The setting indicated that this was probably servants quarters at one point. There was even a bell above the door outside.

The room looked as if it had suffered some fire damage, the mattress was charred and a burnt hole was in the floor. Also being at the top of the building some of the floor outside of the door was quite soft, not a god sign. Luckily the owners have coved the roof and it now look protected from the elements. The magazines on the floor were all copies of Country Life from around 1960. I had a flick through a couple, it was interesting to see that there were mostly ads for houses for sale at rather reasonable prices – around £7,000 for somewhere spectacular with a load of land – how times have changed!

Abandoned Manor House GT, somewhere in the UK countryside. (Mark Blundell)

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