Yesterday Viveca and I went to Laybourne Grange for a bit of photography and urbexing. Having done little research on the place before we arrived i was unsure of what to find, whether the day would be foiled by security, or if the place would be full of hidden treasures and artefacts, items left by previous residents that we like to find as reminders of the people who once lived there.

As it happened the first building that we found was a massive accommodation block that was totally stripped. It reminded me of Sanatorium J. Lemaire, and something out of Call Of Duty.

What Awaits Inside.jpg

Despite the building being empty, there was plenty to photograph, long corridors, crap graffiti informing us of who was gay along with smashed up walls and toilets. Not one window had any glass in it.

After a couple of hours we decided t have a look around the rest of the buildings and see what we could find. Most were well secured with warnings of asbestos along with the inevitable brambles. We headed over to the grand Admin block and found access easily enough. It was cold, dark and damp. I’m sure you all know what i am talking about, that heavy damp that can clog your lungs and sap warmth from your body.

We didn’t spend long downstairs despite there being a few chairs and bits ‘n’ bobs of interest, it was very dark so headed up the stairs where there was more light, mostly due to the roof being very suspect in places consequently the floor was also very suspect in places. It was fairly safe though and neither of us fell down any holes in the rotten flooring. The rooms were fairly standard urban exploration stuff – nice peeling paint and great mold on the walls.

After a couple of hours spent in the admin building and we were done and headed home for a pint and dinner.

History Bit –

The asylum was built in 1936 and closed in 1996. For the most par tthe hospital housed people who were considered to be for a subnormality hospital for the mentally defective.

It is rumored that patients were often mistreated , one example is of a nurse who handcuffed patients to the radiators and left them for hours. Workers at the site have allegedly seen a ghost and have take to name him Casper (yes this is true!)