I though that it might be a bit of fun to do some MMA composites after my two recent outings. I wanted to achieve something more akin to ‘cool fighter portraits’ in a bit of an advertorial vein. As the images from the 10th Legion MMA outing in Hull on September 15th were better than Fury the week before so I decided to use these.

I’ve produced more simple composites before with a single person and background, but nor mixed textures, brushes and additional images, so this was all something slightly new to me. As with all things processing I seem to move in baby steps, then the penny drops – ‘ahhhh I can use thins technique to do that’ which is what happened here. Google and a book to the rescue and I was sorted.

The first image I produced was of Andy Cona who was defeated in the final fight of the night.

10th Legion MMA


Second so far was Dave Brooke-Stowe, I used a different technique on the main image and am quite happy with it, its a bit more grainy and edgy in the processing but still produced a decent outcome.

10th Legion MMA


The hardest two parts of these images are finding a decent base image, that’s both in focus and fairly uncluttered, many of my images have the fighters fighting so as I only need them without the opponent its not as easy to find what I am after. Secondly I found it very hard to both place the name of the fighter and find a suitable font. The second image came to a whoppping 1Gb which for a single image is that largest I have produced is quite some time. I believe that there were 17 layers used in the final production.

I’ll probably do another couple of these as they’re quite fun to produce. Luckily the two fighters above like them, so I shan’t be expecting a knock on the door!